Our Client Services Department is looking to fill a position of a Project Manager

Job Purpose:

Project Mangers; manage many specific projects from many of our clients. As the project manager, they quite often help plan, oversee and document all aspects of a specific project they are working on with a specific client. Project managers must work closely with the laboratory to make sure that the scope and direction of each project is on schedule without issues. Project Managers will compare the status and progress to the actual plan. They are a huge resource to our clients.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Take client calls
  • Build relationships/trust
  • Assist in determining specific testing requirements
  • Review work orders
  • Set up projects
  • Write up bids
  • Reactivate samples
  • Invoices
  • Prepare pre-made labels
  • Contact clients for questions
  • Rearrange courier schedule
  • Manage clients (Under 100k per client in revenue clients)
  • Field and respond to online pickup and bottle orders
  • Ensure time sensitive response to all client communication (Response time would be 1 hour or less depending on nature of the call)
  • First level work order review incoming projects vs. LIMS log-in (Review by noon to make sure your project was logged in correctly/ Review pricing/quote at this time to make sure invoicing will be correct)
  • Notify PM Supervisor & Lab staff of critical client projects (Prioritize on status/ Let supervisor know about all large projects so he can speak to sales rep involved to get all the details)
  • Update elemtn with Project and Bids (Create and update projects to provide an exact work order for lab of clients order/ Continuously edit projects/remove when finished)
  • Sending of reports daily through LIMS (Spool reports in a timely manner throughout the day (within 20 minutes) and before 5 if possible)
  • Provide clients with project quotes per their price schedule
  • Continue to create bids for clients using their price schedule (If competitive bids or larger project bids are requested, please speak to the department manger)
  • Enter subcontracted data (With the help of Subcontract Admin, continue to enter subcontracted data as soon as it arrives)
  • Finalizing of work order invoices (We must finalize invoices the same time the report is spooled, so please fix all invoices/pricing upon work order review)
  • Initiate Client Inquiries/ technical question with Lab and/or Sr. Technical PM (Give all client inquiries to the Sr. Technical PM and she will review and determine if the inquiry is a true inquiry or a client request/ If an inquiry, please continue to fill out inquiry forms and send to lab/ If request, the Sr. Technical PM will reply to client within 24 hours.

This list is not meant to be all inclusive, other tasks and responsibilities may arise as assigned by the PM Supervisor or the Client Services Manager.


  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Client Orientated
  • Computer skills: Microsoft office suite, LIMS, E-mail
  • Highly organized
  • Ability to multi-task
  • 1+ years of experience in Client Services
  • Associates Degree or higher in related field
  • Professional appearnce and demeanor at all times
  • Clear MVR and background check for at least the past 5 years (per employer discretion, within all legal regulations)

Working Conditions/ Physical Requirements:

  • Working a full 8 to 9 hour shift at desk
  • Attend meetings in same building or another building next door
  • Some travel and eveing hour events/meetings with clients may be required
  • Ability to effectively communicate / listen through verbal and written means
  • Ability to type, use a computer, desk phone, and other office equipment necessary for daily tasks
  • All of our project management team is located on the second floor so ability to climb a set of stairs is also required

A background check and valid driver's license is required for all positions with our laboratory.

Our Company is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer


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