Air Quality Testing & Analysis

Con-Test is a Leader in Air analysis

We can support various types of air sampling projects including vapor intrusion, indoor air quality, ambient air monitoring, perimeter monitoring, site investigations, site remediation & Industrial hygiene.

Our air departments is comprised of highly trained analysts who are dedicated to providing accurate analytical results. You can count on Con-Test to provide reliable, dependable, and defensible data for any type of project. Our Gas Chromatograms (GC) and Mass Spectrometers (MS) are the latest state-of-the-art-technology and provide the lowest detection limits possible.

With such a broad range of analytical services, you can rely on Con-Test Lab to help you reduce your risk and save cost.

  • EPA Method TO-15 and TO-14A
  • Petroleum Analysis MA DEP APH – Air phase petroleum hydrocarbons
  • PCB analysis utilizing EPA TO-4A and TO-10A
  • PAH analysis utilizing EPA method TO-13A
  • Pesticides method TO-4A and TO-10A
  • Fixed gases EPA method 3C
  • Metals including Mercury, by ICP, ICP/MS, and FIMS – NIOSH method
  • Dissolved gases utilizing RSK-175
  • Radiello analysis

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Method Number

Arsenic (As) NIOSH 7303
Beryllium (Be) NIOSH 7303
Cadmium (Cd) NIOSH 7303
Chromium (Cr) NIOSH 7303
Copper (Cu) NIOSH 7303
Lead (Pb) NIOSH 7303
Nickel (Ni) NIOSH 7303
Zinc (Zn) NIOSH 7303
Metals by ICP NIOSH 7303
Dust, Total NIOSH 0500
Dust, Respirable NIOSH 0600
PCB's in Air NIOSH 5503
Hg in Air NIOSH 6009
TO-14 EPA TO-14A (PDF)
TO-15 EPA TO-15 (PDF)
Method 3C (Fixed Gases) EPA 3C
TO-17 EPA TO-17 (PDF)

Note: Only the most commonly requested Air Analyses Methods are listed. Other analytes and alternative methods are available. Please check with project chemist for more details.

Note: It is required that a blank be submitted for all wipe and air analyses