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  • What kind of prices does Con-Test provide?

    Con-Test offers very competitive pricing based upon industry standards. We can provide you and your business with a price schedule listing our services and their prices as well as provide customized pricing and discounts for specialty projects and larger quantities of samples. Please contact us at 413-525-2332 or fill out the request a quote form for more information regarding pricing.

  • What Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) procedures does Con-Test have in place?

    We have an extensive Quality Assurance program here at Con-Test that involves the continuous evaluation of data and monitoring of analytical processes to ensure that quality control procedures are performing correctly.  The laboratory’s Quality Assurance program ensures accuracy of data from testing methodologies to provide a high-level of confidence in test results.  Quality Control consists of specific procedures or measures adapted to specific operating conditions. These procedures, which apply to every phase of business done here at Conā€Test, provide a quality structure upon which each procedure is constructed and results (data) are legally-defensible.

  • How can I stay on top of the most current industry trends?

    Con-Test is a leading expert in the environmental industry and we do our best to understand the newest trends and information in the market. Feel free to contact our main office, your Project Manager or Sales Representative to discuss any topic.

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