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  • What does your laboratory offer in terms of courier service and shipping?

    Con-Test understands that you have a lot of things going on at once. So in order to help relieve some of your burden, we offer a full-time courier service 5 days per week.

    Our courier service travels throughout New England and North Carolina and is provided free of cost. We will be happy to drop off your bottle orders, pick them up, and answer any questions you may have about our laboratory.

    Our couriers are expertly trained and will make sure all of your samples arrive at our laboratory safely and at the correct preservation temperature.

  • How do I access information on my project through Con-Test’s website?

    You can access our secure client log-in either from our main website or through the direct link here.  If you are already set-up to access your lab reports, please enter your username and password.  If you are logging-in to the system for the first time or forgot you password, please contact your Project Manager at (413) 525-2332. They will need to assign and/or activate your account.

  • How do I request a bottle order?

    Contact your Project Manager to order the appropriate media for your project. Or, you can request a bottle order through our website by clicking here. When requesting a bottle order, please make sure that you do so at least 2 days before your project begins to ensure we can prepare your media in a timely fashion.  If your project requires air media, please give a minimum of four (4) days to prepare your order.

  • How do I fill out the Chain of Custody (COC)?

    If you have any questions and want to make sure you are filling out your COC correctly, please contact your Project Manager and they will assist you with any questions you might have.  In addition, check out our training video on filling out a COC in our Training Library here (link to video). The Chains of Custody are located here.

  • What is the average turnaround time (TAT) that Con-Test offers?

    Con-Test has an average TAT of 5-7 business days on most analyses. We understand that every project needs their results as soon as possible in order to progress to the next stage. Our TAT is faster than most other laboratories to provide you with your sample results as quickly as we can. For those projects that require results immediately, we can provide rush TAT services at an additional surcharge. Our rush TAT ranges up to 24-hours and even same-day services!  Contact us at info@contestlabs.com to see how fast we can get your project completed.

  • What kind of report formats does Con-Test offer its clients?

    Con-Test recently upgraded our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and can provide a large variety of formats for your results. Our standard format is Excel and PDF. However, upon request, we can transform your results into an easy-to-read and ready to use format specifically for your business. We currently have over 50 Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs) within our system and ready to use. These include report formats for state and regulatory agencies, as well as client-specific requests. Click here to few a samples of our EDD formats (add link to EDD formats). If your require something different, Con-Test can customize an EDD specifically for you. Contact Us for more information at info@contestlabs.com.

  • What information should I provide when I request pricing?

    This is a great question! In order to save time and prevent miscommunications, there are several pieces of information Con-Test representatives require to be sure we provide you with the best prices. In general, the more information you can provide, the better. As well, our “Request Quotation” form ensures that you provide the necessary information.

  • What are Con-Test’s hours of operation and sample receiving times?

    Con-Test Analytical Laboratory operates almost 24-hours a day Monday through Friday. Our analysts work hard to accommodate every project and be sure their results are out on-time. 

    Our main office is open from 8:00AM to 6:30PM Monday through Friday.

    Our sample receiving department is open from 8:00AM to 6:30PM Monday through Friday, and Saturday’s from 8:30AM to 12:00PM. However, our log-in staff often works past those times. If you are unable to deliver your samples during those time frames, we will do our best to accommodate you. Give us a call at 413-525-2332.

  • What Reporting Limits (RLs) does Con-Test use?

    Con-Test understands that each project is different and requires specific Reporting Limits (RLs). Con-Test’s standard RLs are test and matrix dependent. Most of our standard RLs are listed under the Method Library on the Client Website. We also can accommodate lower RLs on some tests. Contact your project managers to discuss your specific needs. We would be happy to help!

  • How long can I keep my media (bottles, jars, Summa cans, etc.) before I sample or need to return them?

    It depends on the media and analysis being done to know how long it can be held and still be usable for you current sampling project.  Please contact us if you have questions and want to confirm if your glassware and bottles are acceptable for your upcoming project.  For summa canisters, it is recommended to use them within 30-day once received from the lab.  Please note, we would like all air media returned within two weeks after you receive them.

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