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Con-Tests COVID-19 Response

March 18th, 2020 by Tom Veratti

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


To our valued customers and partners,

We are in unprecedented times. As the global pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, the entire team at Con-Test Analytical Laboratory wishes you and those close to you safety and good health.

The health and safety of our clients and employees will always be Con-Test’s top priority. We are closely monitoring COVID-19 developments and have taken a number of steps to protect you and our workforce, while also ensuring the continuity of our business operations. We are taking the recommendations from the CDC and World Health Organization, applying and adapting them to our workforce as they continuously are updated.


Here's what we've done so far:

  • We are conducting thorough cleaning of all surfaces and door fixtures internally, cooler handles, courier vehicles.
  • We are encouraging employees who are sick and/or have a temperature of 100 or more to remain at home to limit the spread of any sickness to our other staff, clients.
  • We have purchased thermometers to monitor temperatures of staff, and essential vendors needing access to the campus.Anyone with a fever will not be allowed access.
  • We are providing sanitizer, antibacterial and disinfection products to all of our staff including our couriers who are required to use gloves when picking up samples and then sanitizing after each sample pick up.
  • Put new safety procedures in place for couriers to utilize social distancing and working with clients to get samples back to the laboratory the safest way possible.
  • We have set up some staff that can work remote to do so for the next 14 days.
  • Eliminated the access of all non-essential vendor/service representatives into our buildings over the next 14 days.
  • We have communicated recommended hygiene practices from CDC for all staff, including the requirement of hands washed upon arriving at work and when you move from building to building on our campus.
  • Any employees traveling for personal reasons are being asked to disclose the location of the travel so we can closely monitor and make sure it is not to a highly affected area
  • Requirement to disclose information if any of our employees have had any contact with someone with a confirmed COVID-19 case
  • Business travel to conferences and trainings has been suspended.
  • We continuously provide our employees with up to date information from the CDC regarding any updates, tips and precautions to be taken to remain healthy
  • Internally, we are working to stagger shifts, and increase social distancing for all employees to do our part towards reducing the progression of COVID-19.
  • We are eliminating meetings or group gatherings to keep people apart and using phones, email and video conferencing or Webex to communicate with customers, vendors and employees.
  • We are consistently monitoring recommendations from the CDC, WHO and other informational outlets to do our best to keep our employees and customers safe


During this difficult global event Con-Test is committed to our clients and we want to ensure that our clients will continue to receive the highest standard of service and quality from our laboratory.

Thank you,

Thomas Veratti


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