Brief Company History

Established in 1987, Con-Test, Inc. was founded by Thomas and Kathleen Veratti and provided environmental consulting and testing services to a variety of clients throughout Western Massachusetts. Initially, our laboratory testing division was limited to Industrial Hygiene analysis mainly in support of in-house consulting services. But, we rapidly expanded our capabilities to include numerous techniques in air analysis, classical (wet) chemistry, metals, and organics.

In 1994, Con-Test was purchased by ATC Associates, Inc. Two years later, the Laboratory Division of the company was purchased by the original owners and became what we are known as today: Con-Test Analytical Laboratory. Con-Test became a privately-owned, independent laboratory and grew enormously to our current state.

We are proud to have established a reputation based on quality, integrity, and reliability within the environmental industry. Our multi facilitated laboratory campus houses all our expertly trained analysts and support staff. We have invested millions of dollars in state-of-the-art equipment and are always looking for innovative technological advances that will help us to provide the best services to you.

Con-Test provides environmental and industrial hygiene analytical services with full AIHA-LAP, LLC and AIHA-LAP, LLC ELLAP (Environmental Lead) accreditation. We have obtained the nationally recognized NELAP certification and are individually certified in many areas and states by a diverse group of recognized organizations. With certifications throughout the United States, we are capable of performing testing throughout the country with just one laboratory facility.To learn more about our certifications, please visit our Certifications page.



Con-Test has the capability for analyzing nearly all water, air, soil and solid materials. Our laboratory currently serves a diverse range of clients with an even larger range of analytical services. We can handle projects from one sample to thousands of samples, and can offer rush services at any time. Our laboratory experts are available for consultations, presentations, technical support and advice.

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