Leadership Team

Con-Test Analytical Laboratory takes pride in the depth of management and staffing dedicated to a service intensive company. In business since 1984 and privately owned since 1996, Con-Test is staffed with highly experienced core management individuals and technically competent and experienced laboratory personnel. Our management team has collectively over 105 years of experience in environmental laboratory and have a strong client services orientation.

Tom Veratti, Sr.

Founder, Consultant

Tom Veratti Sr. founded Con-Test Analytical Laboratories in 1984. Tom is a chemical engineer by training, is a trusted advisor to the management team and has twenty seven years experience in managing environmental laboratories.

Thomas Veratti

General Manager

Thomas Veratti is key to the laboratory’s strategic growth, vision, and company visibility. As General Manager, Tom has lead the company through fifteen years of incremental growth. Tom has developed the sales team, and lead the Southeast expansion while maintaining an involved presence servicing clients; leading to long-term partnerships. Tom is expertly attuned to client needs, expectations, and the progression of all facets of customer service.

Lisa Veratti Dagnoli

Finance and Human Resources Director

Lisa Dagnoli is our Finance and Human Resources Director and manages all functions of accounting and business operations, provides leadership for the human resources including coordination of employee benefits, and oversees the annual budget process. Lisa also implements, manages, and oversees personnel, payroll, and benefits administration.

Tod Kopyscinski

Laboratory Technical Director

Tod began his career at Con-Test in 1987 as an organics analyst. With his expertise and strengths in chemistry and technology, Tod quickly advanced in to management. He is a recognized air analysis industry expert. Tod knows the laboratory operations keenly from any perspective and his varied skill set includes technical support and business development and has yielded important input into laboratory productivity and efficiency with reduction in operational costs.

Daren Damboragian

Director of Operations

Daren Damboragian has over twenty years of environmental laboratory experience, ten years with Con-Test. Daren excels at staff and production management and meeting the needs of every client on data completeness and delivery. Daren’s strengths have contributed greatly to laboratory renovations and design, improvements in the facility and work flow, standardization of lab processes and maintenance of leading edge technology.

Theresa Ferrentino

Client Services Manager

Theresa Ferrentino has over 22 years of Client Services and Management Experience. Theresa is centered on providing excellent customer service and ensuring that her staff does the same. Communication is Key and essential to make effective and timely decisions. Theresa is responsible for creating policies, procedures and standards for her departments as well as maintaining business relationships with existing clients. She also streamlines business operations, provides product training to employees and is very much involved with the day to day, complex decision making. She works closely with all staff including Laboratory, Management and the Directors of Con-Test.