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Cert. ID

Cert. Number




  AIHA 100033 AIHA-LAP, LLC 3/1/2022 Certificate

Connecticut CT PH-0567 Connecticut State Department of Public Health 9/30/2021 Certificate

Florida FL E871027 NELAP Florida Department of Health 6/30/2020 Certificate

Massachusetts MA M-MA100 Massachusetts DEP 6/30/2020 Certificate

Maine ME 2011028 State of Maine 6/9/2021 Certificate

North Carolina NC 652 North Carolina Div. of Water Quality 12/31/2020 Certificate

North Carolina NC-DW 25703 North Carolina Department of Health 7/31/2020 Certificate

New Hampshire NH-P 2557 NELAP New Hampshire Environmental Lab 9/6/2020 Certificate

New Hampshire NH-S 2516 NELAP New Hampshire Environmental Lab 2/5/2021 Certificate

New Jersey NJ MA007 NELAP New Jersey DEP 6/30/2020 Certificate

New York NY 10899 NELAP New York State Department of Health 4/1/2020 Certificate

Pennsylvania PA 68-05812 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania DEP 6/30/2020 Certificate

Rhode Island RI LAO00112 Rhode Island Department of Health 12/30/2020 Certificate

Virginia VA 1381 Commonwealth of Virginia 12/14/2020 Certificate

Vermont VT LL015036 Vermont Department of Health Lead Laboratory 7/30/2020 Certificate

Vermont VT-DW VT-255716 Vermont Department of Health Drinking Water 6/12/2020 Certificate

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