Account Executives

The Con-Test sales team is dedicated to thoroughly representing our company, providing excellent service to our clients and maintaining a reputation for trust, reliability and substance. With a keen eye on client expectations and needs, your account executive will effectively communicate your needs onto our team of project chemists so that they may provide a continued high level of customer loyality, oversight on your projects, and attention to your specific requirements.

Thomas Veratti
General Manager
(617) 640-4424

Kevin Gibbons
Director, Business Development
(860) 798-0893

Stephen Beek
Manager, Business Development
(413) 519-9497

Paul Konnik
Manager, Business Development
(314) 302-0431

Theresa Ferrentino
Manager, Client Services
(413) 636-2394

Scott Basal
Service Center Manager (Albany, NY)
(518) 210-3218

Christine DeRusso
Service Center Manager (Charlotte, NC)
(407) 749-9831

Brent Rader
Service Center Manager (Raleigh, NC)
(919) 710-7141