• Air

    Why should you test the air? Contaminants can volatize and enter the air even if they originate in another location. Those compounds could pose health hazards as you breathe them in. Visit our Air Analysis page to discover how Con-Test can assist with your air project.

    Vapor Intrusion | Indoor & Ambient Air | Soil Gas
    MGP Perimeter Monitoring | Landfill Gas | PCBs In Air

  • Soil

    Con-Test can assist you with almost any project requiring soil analysis. Demolition, remediation, brownfields – No Problem! View our Soil Analysis page to see Con-Test's analytical capabilities as they relate to solid materials.

    Pesticides | Petroleum | TCLP/SPLP | Volatile Organics
    Metals | PCBs In Soil | Percent Solids | Herbicides

  • Water

    Water comprises 75-percent of the Earth and humans require it to survive. Drinking water, wastewater, and even groundwater may contain contaminants that could adversely affect your health. Read through our Water Analysis page to learn more about the analyses Con-Test can perform for water.

    Halocarbons | Microbiology | Coliforms | Metals | Aromatics
    PCBs In Water | Bacteria | Nitrate | pH | Cyanide

  • Industrial Hygiene

    Concerned about the environment your employees are working in? Wondering what is in the air you are breathing? Check out our Industrial Hygiene page to learn more about the analyses Con-Test offers that relate to OSHA compliance.

    VOCs | Passive Diffusion | LEED Analysis
    Formaldehyde | Particulates | Metals & Solvents

    Industrial Hygiene

Welcome to Con-Test Analytical Laboratory

With over twenty-five years of experience, our dedicated staff at Con-Test Analytical Laboratory offers the Con-Test "difference" which is a focus on YOU. Our multi-million dollar facility has the state of the art capabilities for analyzing nearly all water, air, soil, and solid materials. Con-Test provides unprecedented excellence in quality and value in the areas of pricing, sample turnaround times, and most importantly meeting and exceeding your expectations. 

We are 100% committed to YOU and your 100% Satisfaction with our Services

  • A Quality Assurance program ensures accuracy of data from testing methodologies.
  • A full-range of analytical and personal services ranging from the basic to the most complicated.
  • An obligation of maintaining and ultimately exceeding, established quality standards while providing objective and cost effective services.
  • A comprehensive library of certified testing methodology that involves our analytical expertise in air analysis, classical (wet) chemistry, metals, and organics.

Our laboratory currently serves a diverse range of clients including Industry, Environmental Firms, and Industrial Hygiene Firms

Con-Test provides environmental and industrial hygiene analytical services with full AIHA-LAP, LLC and AIHA-LAP, LLC ELLAP (Environmental Lead) accreditation. We have obtained the nationally recognized NELAP certification and are individually certified in many areas and states by a diverse group of recognized organizations.

Con-Test News

The entire Con-Test family offers our deepest condolences and sympathies to those affected by the April 15th attacks on Patriot’s Day in Boston.  As a greater Boston area firm, this act of terrorism hit home on a personal level.  During this time we are reminded of the first responders and law enforcement personnel that mitigated further tragedy.  We continue to remember those affected and express gratitude for those that led the way to safety. 

» Press Release

Con-Test attends and presents at a PCB Conference in Connecticut.  For additional information please click here: View the Press Release

» Con-Test is now offering PCB/Homolog Analysis

We are now offering PCB/Homolog analysis in air samples!

» Con-Test is Expanding

Con-Test Analytical Laboratory is pleased to announce the opening of our new North Carolina service center. This expansion will allow Con-Test to better service clients in the Southeast region. For detailed contact information please click here: Grand Opening

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